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Affordable international students education

The costs of international students education globally is a source of concern, it is no secret that international students pay far too much to get education in most countries and there is need for urgent solution to this problem. What is the way forward? International students should be viewed more in terms of what they bring to the educational institutions in more developed countries, which are mostly the receiving countries in terms of their cultural diversity and the need to have university campus reflect the global village the world has become.

If educational institutions in more developed economies continue to charge tuition fees that are out of the reach of brilliant but not so wealthy students from sending less developed countries, they stand the risk of missing out on getting the brighest and the best students that will be of great benfits to them in the long term. There needs to be a rethink on creteria for recruiting international students and is less about affordability and more about what the students can offer in terms of academics. Presently, international students are paying far too much to get educated in developed countries and in some coutries, they pay as much as three times what domestic students pay.

There has to be creative ways in which international students can get educated in developed countries without screening them out based on their financial situation. There needs to be a lowering of tuition fees for international students to accommodate their financial challenges.

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